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Capricorn Babies

Camden Newborn Photographer

So many Capricorn Babies this January! I’m totally in love with all of these new babies that I got to photograph so far this year!

I am a Capricorn baby myself, and have one of my own too!

Some fun facts about Capricorns.

We sure are determined, hard-working, opinionated, and have a great big heart. We are practical, and sometimes too serious, we are decisive. Once we make up our mind, that’s it! Oh and we are stubborn, be warned, make sure you have a good reason why your way is the best way. Trust me!
We are focused and goal oriented, so make sure you keep us busy.
We are loyal and will always have your back.

Welcome to the world little Ethan, another baby Capricorn!

Thank you for inviting me into your home to capture these beautiful images for you! Your gallery is ready CLICK HERE!

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