Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know

What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is a natural way to capture your life, unposed, releaxed and without too much fuss. 

Just you and your family being yourselves. You don't have to look at the camera in every single photo, I want to see the real you, interacting with your children and your partner. Talking, playing and laughing. 

What should we wear on the day?

The most important thing is that you are comforable. Dress for the weather. Summer dresses are perfect in summer but you will be cold when the sun goes down in Autumn. Smart Casual clothes that you would wear if you were going out to a party or a family picnic in the park. 

Please avoid t-shirst / shirts with brand logos as they tend to distract in the photos.  I have created a Pinterest board for you to look at to get some ideas.

Q: Where will the photoshoot take place?

I love documenting your life where you are comfortable. Either in your home, back yard or on location. 

At home we start around 10am, enough time for you to get up and have breakfast. On locaiton the photoshoot starts around 1 hour before sunset. Summer time from 5:30pm and during winter from 4:30pm. This give us plenty of light and that golden hour just before sunset. 

Q: What should we bring on the day?

If you have little ones, bring along a drink bottle or a small snack thats not too messy. If there is a special item that your children are obsessed with and it will keep them relaxed, please bring it along. They will love to see it in the photos and you will want to remember this season of their lives. Eg. stuffed toys, books, dinosaurs :-) 

Mums you wont need your handbag, leave it safely in the boot of your car, you wont need it and it means your hands are free to hold your little ones and give them lots of squishy hugs. 

Q: What happens if its raining or some one is unwell?

I keep a close eye on the weather a few days before hand and will be in touch with you if its going to spoil our day. Wind can also cause a havic especially on location, however a little bit of overcast skies are perfect. 

If some one is unwell, I usually suggest that we reschedule. Its no fun trying to laugh and enjoy your time together if the little one or parents are unwell. We will find a suitable day / date to do the photoshoot then. 

If we were to contiunue, all you will remember from the day, how unwell you or your little one was when you look at the imagses I capture. 

Q: How long will the session be?

My photoshoots usually last around 45min to 1.5 hour for a family. Newborn photoshoot can be 1 - 3 hours, as we are on their schedule. 

I'm very mindful how your little ones are feeling and if they are happy to keep going or have had enough. 

We haven’t done this before, what do we do at the shoot?

I will gently direct you and talk you through the whole process on the day. I will ask you questions, and give you things to talk and think about that will evoke emotions and natural expressoions.

We will walk around the park / location choosing different, I bring a picinic blanket with me so that you can sit down and relax too. 

You don't have to look at me unless I ask you too, hopefully making you feel more at ease in front of the camera. 

Q: What happens after our photoshoot

I will show you a sneak peek on my facebook page usually with in 1 - 2 days. Your online gallery will be ready for viewing with in 10 - 14 days after our photoshoot. At that time you choose your selection of images for me to print out and get ready for download. 

You will find that the images will be lightly touched up and color corrected where necessary. Once you have made your selection, that's when I edit them to be perfect (removing pimples and blemishes and scars if required. I will always ask first though)

I then send of your selcted images to be printed using my professoinal print lab. Once I have your images are back from the printers and ready for deliverly, I will email you a so that you can download your images to your computer.

Q: How do we book ?

If you have looked through my website and can see youself and your family in my images, then we are a good match.

Please send me an email through link below so that we can set a date and time for your photoshoot. 

I like to meet you and your little ones before the day, so that they know who I am and can feel comforable with me on the day of the shoot. 

If you are expecting a new addition to the family, please get in contact with me sooner rather than later, this way I can be ready as soon as you have your baby. 

I look forward to meeting you and your family. 

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