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Hello Monday

Hello Monday!

Right now….
Time: 1:51pm
Location : Home Office
Weather: Overcast, looks like its going to rain.
Eating: Just finished my lunch and coffee
Drinking: Coffee & trying to drink plenty of water
Listening to: Pandora right now Ed Sheeran
Reading: Daring & Disruptive – by Lisa Messenger
Planning: This weeks events, to-do list, material for meetings
This weeks Goal: to catch up with my bookkeeping On reading books…. I have a lot of books around my house, I have read most of them. Some even twice. I find that the book has to grab me, jump at me if I’m suppose to read it. I also have a number of books that I purchased but haven’t read, or maybe started to read but didn’t finish. I am not ready to read those just yet. It’s a little bit the same with Daring & Disruptive. I bought the magazine (Collective Hub) ages ago that had a small part of the book as an additional extra on the cover. The freebie the magazines throw in. Its there to give you an idea what the book is about and get you interested. I still have it somewhere because some things I can not through out (brings me to one of my goals to Simpily… but thats another story!) At the time it didn’t grab my attention, I just couldn’t get into it. I wasn’t in the place where the book would server me. For some reason last week, while out in the city with Lara for her photoshoot (more about that a bit later!) I went looking for the book, found it, bought it as well as the second and third book by Lisa. And this time around I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it. Started reading the very next morning.

It resonates with me, makes me think of all the things that I have done. Brings back memories and events that made me who I am. I am evaluating my values and finding similarities on many levels. It made me stop and think about my journey and my “why?” and how I can made a difference. I haven’t finished the book as yet, I’m finding that I read a chapter and take time out to think about it and really evaluate it.

So far I’m enjoying the journey! Have you read Darling & Disruptive? would love you know what you think about it, please feel free to leave comments below.



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