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Hello Monday – Camden Walk

I’ve had a busy weekend with shoots every day and I just love it. But I’ve also taken some time out this weekend to work on my business and on my personal growth. I believe we never stop learning, there is always something new we can pick up and implement in our lives and business to make it better. Over the last week I found so many things resonate with me on a a personal and business level. I’ve meet some amazing people that I’m working with and found some great new websites / blogs to read. When we slow down and take notice, we see so much more around us that clicks and we go YES.

This past week I’ve picked up a new magazine at the Newsagency, only the night before there was an interview on the TV that I found interesting. I opened the magazines to the exact page where the same speaker was featured, the interview with him was almost like a follow on to the TV news story from the night before.  I was looking around Pinterest, and an image came out on my front page, a suggestion from Pinterest. I clicked and followed it to the source, and found an amazing business that can help me grow and develop my business on a new level. Their message is so allied with my beliefs and feelings, its amazing.

I spent the rest of the night reading through their blog posts and going to myself YES! Almost like its a confirmation that what I want to do and the direction that I want to take my business and how I want to live my life is the right way for me right now. Just like seeing 11:11 on your clock, I believe that its the angels that look out for us and guide us telling us YES you are on the right path!  I have been seeing it for a while now, but more and more lately.

So this week I’m going to slow down even more, stop and smell the roses. And really connect to what is around me and take it all in. Enjoy it and learn from it. On Saturday Craig and I went for a walk, below are my personal photos. I can not wait to print these and scrapbook them! (yes we are wearing matching hoodies hahah thats how we roll! )

camdenwalk-001 camdenwalk-002 camdenwalk-003 camdenwalk-004 camdenwalk-005 camdenwalk-006 camdenwalk-008

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